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On Street24.ch, you will not only find properties to rent, buy or sell, but also a list of tips. This will help you manage your property.

Tips to rent or buy

You want to rent / buy real estate in Switzerland?

  • First, choose the neighborhood. For example, make sure that there is access to public transport and to nearby services such as pharmacy, supermarket, taxi, ...
  • Select a property that matches your budget. Set a maximum threshold. Although a more expensive apartment can please you, think of the expenses related to such costs.
  • Next, prepare your rental package in advance, with the key documents requested: 3 recent payslips, proof of identity, employment contract and possibly a deposit.
  • Followed the signing of the lease and the inspection of the rental: think that you have to pay the first month's rent, rental deposit and agency fees (if the rentor is not an individual).
  • In addition to the rent, you must pay a lump sum of monthly charges. Think of the annual statement to regularize this fee with your landlord or management.

Advice for owners:

Your property will be appreciated (or not ) on first sight! This of course includes photos of your ad.

If you have pets, do not take pictures because some buyers may not appreciate them, and may not project themselves in your property.


If there is a fireplace, remember to clean it, and place a few pieces of wood (not lit of course). On the couch, you can have a blanket and some cushions. Emphasize sober colors (avoid flashy sheets or pillows). On the coffee table: Present a vase and fresh flowers.

Finally, clean your carpets and floor to expose a clean and fresh atmosphere.


Again, you can either have a table with a vase in the center, or present a more welcoming table by placing a table setting. You can improve the appearance by turning on your lights (if pictures are taken at the end of the day).


You can, however show your coffee machine with capsules or matching mugs! If you have a dining table in the kitchen, you can place a basket of fresh fruit in the center: this is welcoming and generous.


The bed should be impeccable. Clean the side tables, and tidy up the books. The closet must be tidy and closed. For children's rooms, store all the toys.

Laundry Room, ironing area:

Again, storage is needed. Just let your ironing board appear (if applicable), and the iron.

Bathroom / Powderroom:

These pictures are unnecessary, but if you prefer them, remember to clean and remove all your products as wekk as the time of the photo. The place must be neutral.

Balcony / Terrace:

If you have a view of the lake or the mountains, take advantage of it! This will appeal to future buyers and increase the number of visits.

If you have garden furniture, stage it, because this allows to have an idea of the lay out. Do not leave your children's toys  lying aroundyour, and put aside the cat litter at the time of the photo.

Outside: Garden / swimming pool

Your garden should be green and well maintained. A neglected garden will not entice buyers into the house. Similarly, your pool must be clean and ready for use.


Needless to take a picture, but specify it in your ad if it is covered or not and the number of vehicles it houses. Think however to clean it because some visitors will want to see it more closely.

cellar / outbuildings:

As for the garage, these parts must be clean and tidy. With regard to dark places, consider having high intensity bulbs to see clearly. .

En plus de la prise de photos, le texte de votre annonce doit également donner envie aux futurs acquéreurs d’en savoir plus sur votre bien.


Text of your Ad:

The text of your ad complements your pictures.

Give a simple and efficient headline to your ad.
Example: Beautiful family villa on the Lake

Your text must be of average size (5 to 8 lines) maximum. The reader does not have much time, and pictures of the ad are sufficient to give an idea of the property.

To not to appear aggressive, do not punctuate your ad with "!". Write with a sober and correct tone. Don't overuse adjectives such as "magnificent", "superb" or "exceptional". The photos speak for themselves and you do not need to add more.

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